About McCutcheon's Apple Products

Welcome to McCutcheon’s Apple Products, a unique factory store providing you with a wide variety of homestyle products such as Apple Butter, Preserves, Relishes, Honey, Juice Sweetened (No Sugar Added), Hot Sauces, Sweet Cider Orchard Fresh Apples (Seasonal), Juice Blends, Nuts and Dried Fruit Mixes, Giftware, Gift Baskets and more! All with that old-fashioned, homemade quality and taste you love using only real cane sugar, natural fruit juices as sweeteners, and no high fructose corn sweeteners.

Our story began in 1938 when William O. McCutcheon retired from his job at Colt & Dixon Canning Co. and purchased a used apple press for $25.00. From there, the family set up the used apple press on a property in Downtown Frederick, Maryland and began pressing apples for local farmers. As the operation grew, we began crafting new products and selling them under their own label. As the business continued to grow, so did the involvement of family in the business — soon, children and grandchildren found their passion in the family business. Now, we have over 30 full-time employees, including 16 family members from 4th and 5th generations, all working together to bring you the world-famous McCutcheon’s homestyle taste and quality you’ve come to enjoy since 1938.